LandesSportBund Lower Saxony

The LandesSportBund (LSB) Lower Saxony is an umbrella organisation comprising around 9700 sports clubs with 2,7 million members and 59 sport federations. It is divided up into 48 regional sports associations.

Active for clubs – strong for sport!

The LSB represents the sporting interests of its members on the political stage and acts as a service provider for sports-related and financialservices.

The LSB campaignsfor a sports and exercise-based society, in which active and lively sports clubs play a vital role.

The LandesSportBund Lower Saxony is responsible for the Lower Saxony Olympic Training Centre with the LOTTO Sportinternat (sports boarding school) and the Sports Academy.

Sportjugend Niedersachsen, part of the LandesSportBund Lower Saxony, is-LandesSportBund Lower Saxonye.V.’ s youth organisation.

It is made up of the children and youngsters from the membership organisations of the LandesSportBund and the elected youth

representatives. It is responsible for organising its own affairs.-

It is recognised as a voluntary youth welfare agency in line with the Youth Welfare  Act.